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Yes. I completely went there.

And no. I don’t mean the crazy awesome pun, I mean the Roman Forum. In the time since my last post we’ve all been good little tourist going everywhere seeing everything and enjoying ourselves quite a bit. It’s been very hard to take notes and try to remember what the professor is saying, doing sketches and being SUCH a tourist and just snapping pictures.

To give you the quick rundown of the last couple days:

Wednesday we walked up to the Piazza di Popolo in the northern part of the city and meandered down the very fashionable streets passing by all the very fashionable people, shopping in the very fashionable stores buying very fashionable clothing for very unreasonable prices.

Thursday we walked to Palatine Hill, and I keep trying to type Palpatine as in Star Wars but I know that’s wrong. Palatine Hill in Roman times during the monarchy and the republic and later the Empire was where all the very fashionable Roman Aristocracy lived very fashionable lives. I won’t get on that rant again but needless to say it was very exciting to walk the ancient streets of one of history’s most famous civilizations, thinking back and imagining the ghosts of say, Caesar Augustus and other emperors walking alongside our group. It was truly the heart of Rome and overlooked as I mentioned earlier, the roman forum. It’s odd, because in the States all things in the museums are behind glass or high-tech security when in Rome most of this is just in the open and tangible and a part of the city fabric. We ended up by the Coliseum, which I would have loved to see the inside, but that will be for a later date when we’re not frantically jumping from class to class and completely across the city. I did, however, get to find Michelangelo’s Campidolio in the center of Rome and I was very excited about that because it’s Michel-the man-anglo.

Friday we took another walk, this time more in our own neighborhood and looked at the more medieval side of things and the literal turduckin of churches. It’s a stylized medieval church, built of a baroque church, built of a medieval church, inside a cattle hold, and built of a roman temple. And last night was amazing because we all got dressed up and we went to this fancy restaurant which had completely amazing food and MOM, no offense, but if you could make lasagna like that I wouldn’t have complained every time we had it over the past 20 years.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Magdalena, Sarah, and I will be roaming the city today, I want to find some art supplies to pretend to be one of those hip art students just planting themselves in the middle of the piazza painting some random something, but I know I can’t and never will be that good so I’ll probably just enjoy the city while Mag and Sarah are being very fashionable people in the very fashionable shops, looking for very fashionable things at hopefully very reasonable prices. I’ll post some pictures later tonight when I’ve had the chance to organize them.

And Sean. If you’re reading this, please tell me you hugged Leonardo, I can’t remember if you did or not.

I still have yet to get gelato, WHY HAVE I NOT HAD GELATO? Ciao!


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So I’m pretty overwhelmed right now. This whole “Italy” thing is a lot to take in, so I’ll try to composite into a semi-readable rambling train of thoughts.

I’m no stranger to new experiences, I’ve done the song and dance involved with living somewhere totally new. However, Boston is not a foreign country, nor does everyone and their mother (literally) speak only Italian (laying aside the North End of course.) Even the plane ride over it was quite terrifying to see and hear the emergency instructions in Italian, okay so not really “see” but you get my drift. So far communication hasn’t really been too difficult, and people recognize the fact we’re just silly American students.

As for classes it’s really too big to look at properly right now. Yes, I know it’s gonna be a lot of work, and right now it seems like a lot a lot, but I’m also just getting used to being in Italy, just getting used to being back at school, and let’s face it. It’s only the second day, I think comprehending the scope of what I’m doing right now is a bit much.

I’m a bit caught up at the moment with trying to explore Rome. It’s a lot smaller than one would think so walking is not too terrible and the things you can just find are amazing. It was an odd experience to stumble upon the Pantheon of all places. Quite literally, we were admiring an obelisk statue of an elephant designed by Bernini  when we looked over and just a few paces away was the ancient temple. I’ll discuss more of the details later (this weekend?) and, of course, the other places we visit.

I have yet to have gelato. I must correct this injustice soon.

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