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Exercise 4

This is the diagram I am turning in today.  Its a sectional perspective through the stage area of city hall.  I decided to have a band playing, and it needs work so consider this a rough draft.

NOTE:  on all of these drawings the picture goes off the page.  CLick on the picture to see the whole thing.  🙂


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Exercise 3

In this exercise we had to create a Data Map. I visited the site 5 times in 1 day and marked on a plan where people where standing, then layered this information in Illustrator.  I put put the sheet I turned in (which needs layout changes) and a bigger version of the map itself.

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Exercise 2

This was our second assignment, where we had to design a map by annotating either an aerial photograph or an axon of Boston City Hall.  I choose to map out the most basic elements of city hall, in order to identify later “good and bad” areas.

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….but my classes are crazy amounts of work.  However they are fascinating, and I’ve been working really hard in both.  Give a girl an A, and she wants a cookie and more As.  And then some milk.  And a book.  And time to read it.  Outdoors on a sunny day.  With no homework.  But still getting an A.  (Nice dream)

So here are the diagram for my Advanced Representation class.  We’ve been focusing on Boston City hall a tremendously ugly building that would be shot on site as a monster if it could move.  However I am slowly coming to terms with the plaza, who can’t help the fact that it was built around a monster.  It’s even trying to kill it, by climbing up the sides and suffocating it.  So I am now taking its side in the war.  Brick stays, but anything concrete needs immediate demolishing.

Exercise 1:  has nothing to do with city hall.  We were supposed to make a map of our journy from home (which is up for interpretation) to studio.  I procrastinated mightly, until I bundled up all my focus on not doing my homework and turned it into a rather funny diagram (which was a risk that paid off, my teacher actually liked it) about all the things I can use to procrastinate getting to studio.

It needs some work.  The fonts didn’t come out like I wanted, and I am going to redo the color scheme so I don’t need the text on the buildings at all.  This is actually a reorganized layout, I turned in something a bot different.

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