Exercise 4

This is the diagram I am turning in today.  Its a sectional perspective through the stage area of city hall.  I decided to have a band playing, and it needs work so consider this a rough draft.

NOTE:  on all of these drawings the picture goes off the page.  CLick on the picture to see the whole thing.  🙂


Exercise 3

In this exercise we had to create a Data Map. I visited the site 5 times in 1 day and marked on a plan where people where standing, then layered this information in Illustrator.  I put put the sheet I turned in (which needs layout changes) and a bigger version of the map itself.

Exercise 2

This was our second assignment, where we had to design a map by annotating either an aerial photograph or an axon of Boston City Hall.  I choose to map out the most basic elements of city hall, in order to identify later “good and bad” areas.

….but my classes are crazy amounts of work.  However they are fascinating, and I’ve been working really hard in both.  Give a girl an A, and she wants a cookie and more As.  And then some milk.  And a book.  And time to read it.  Outdoors on a sunny day.  With no homework.  But still getting an A.  (Nice dream)

So here are the diagram for my Advanced Representation class.  We’ve been focusing on Boston City hall a tremendously ugly building that would be shot on site as a monster if it could move.  However I am slowly coming to terms with the plaza, who can’t help the fact that it was built around a monster.  It’s even trying to kill it, by climbing up the sides and suffocating it.  So I am now taking its side in the war.  Brick stays, but anything concrete needs immediate demolishing.

Exercise 1:  has nothing to do with city hall.  We were supposed to make a map of our journy from home (which is up for interpretation) to studio.  I procrastinated mightly, until I bundled up all my focus on not doing my homework and turned it into a rather funny diagram (which was a risk that paid off, my teacher actually liked it) about all the things I can use to procrastinate getting to studio.

It needs some work.  The fonts didn’t come out like I wanted, and I am going to redo the color scheme so I don’t need the text on the buildings at all.  This is actually a reorganized layout, I turned in something a bot different.

The New Plan!

Which may go horribly, horribly wrong (or like most things in life morph into something you were completely not expecting, hopefully for the better.  Which is for me the difference in the connotative meanings for evolve and mutate.  Evolve seems like a good thing, mutate generally seems bad.  It isn’t necessarily but really unless I’m in a….an? hmmmmm an X-men movie I really don’t see being mutated as a good thing in a connotative sort of way.)

See I illstrated my own point without even meaning to.  It’s basically how I always write these days, I’ve given up on careful planning since I ignore it anyway.

The Plan:  I want to read a new architecture, or architecture related, book every week or so and then do a post!  That way I start the long road of figuring out what I want to do in two years when I graduate and I get to keep writing.  Although I do agree with my mother’s comment that my first job will likely dictate what I end up doing I still need to decide if I even want to apply to firms when I grow up.  I may want to apply to Pottery Barn and design pretty furniture and bedding, or go back and help save Herculaneum, or save an old building like I tried to do on coop at BU.

So this plan my not even last a week.  But its been declared so I figure it will manage at least one book.